Wake up to the sweetest good morning with Infuso Natura. We want your guests to enjoy a delicious breakfast bursting with wholesome goodness. Our single unit portions come in 30g glass jars and are the perfect solution for hotels, resorts and B & Bs who want to treat their guests to genuine, artisanal preservative-free products.

Our company has strived for over twenty years to offer our customers an experience and not a mere product. At Infuso Natura we want all the senses to come into play. Start the day with a smile on your face; lay the table and enjoy the flavours and aromas of days gone by. Rise and shine, it’s breakfast time. Your guests will simply adore our fruity jams which have just the right amount of cane sugar to guarantee a delicious healthy breakfast.

So, delay no more. We have  a wide selection of colours and flavours to choose from, there is  something for everyone: apricot, fig, strawberry, quince, pear, apple and cinnamon, plum, blackcurrant, negroamaro grape jam, orange, mandarin.

For further information about Infuso Natura single unit portions of jam, please contact us or fill in the form to send us your enquiry. We will reply as soon as possible.


Caratteristiche del prodotto

Our jams contain between 60% and 80% fruit. Cane sugar content in our Malvasia grape jam is approx. 22%, all other types contain approx. 25%.